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Me dog
What happens when I drink too much and pass out. I had to go meet my then-girlfriend a few hours after this photo was taken :awesome:
Crystal again
Asleep in a tent (it was a good night).
Ignore the painting in the background on the corkboard, I done it when I was 4 :H
At a UK Subs gig early '10.
At the train station before a Sonic Boom Six gig in October '09.
I have another hat! (Again, it isn't mine) This was about 2 and a half years ago.
I have no idea who the guy on the right is. He wanted his picture taken with me so I drunkenly obliged.
This was taken last year some point.
My first born at a foot and a half tall. Don't yet have a picture of the youngest addition to the family.
I have a hat! (It's not actually mine, I found it in the house I was crashing at that evening and claimed it as mine for the rest of the night...
I lost my hat :sad:
I have my hat back! After several hours of abusing my liver.
June 2010, drinking in a mates back garden and giggling at something.
Hungover and staring at something. I can't remember who took this one.
I can't remember when or why this was taken. Or why there are balloons in the background.
Fan had been up for 3 days (including a gig) by this point. Ignore the black dot in the middle of the picture, whoever took the picture didn't clean...
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