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    The role of a moderator is a very proactive one, so alongside dealing with reported posts and items in the moderation queue, the moderator will be expected to take an active role within the forum, reading and responding to threads where possible, moving threads to suitable locations and keeping a lookout for any rule breaking. The chosen moderator(s) will work with the existing moderation and admin team to improve the Careers section and The Student Room more generally.

    If you wish to find out more about what this role involves, I'm happy to be contacted by PM and you find a link to do so here.


    As is now the norm on TSR, we welcome applications to the mod team If you feel you could fulfil the role described and meet the above criteria, you can also nominate yourself by posting in the Moderator Applications forum and answering these following questions (as a guide, around 100 words for each is enough):

    1. Can you tell us why you think you'd make a good moderator?
    2. What do you think being a moderator involves? What makes a good moderator and what skills and characteristics are useful?
    3. Have you already done anything to get involved and help out in the section you are nominating yourself for, and also in TSR in general?
    4. Do you have any ideas to improve or develop the Careers section, or TSR generally?

    User-based nominations

    Do you know a user who is active in these forums, who has been a member on the site for at least three months, and has the right qualities for the job?

    Do they:

    • Have a keen interest in the forum they are being nominated to moderate?
    • Post frequently in this forum?
    • Post sensible and useful replies?
    • Adhere to the site rules?
    • Come across as being friendly and welcoming to new and established users?

    If you think you know someone that fits the bill make a post in Moderator Applications briefly explaining why you think your nomination should be considered.

    After nominations have closed, those individuals who have been nominated by others may be contacted by the moderation team and invited to answer these questions as well.

    Nominations will be collected from now until the end of the day on 30 April. The moderation team will review all nominations received and following discussion, both successful and unsuccessful candidates will be contacted.

    Please note that successful candidates must be aged 18 or older, and will be asked to provide brief contact details and to consent to a DBS (CRB) check.

    We look forward to receiving your nominations.

    Posts mean prizes!

    Firstly, good luck to all of you who have upcoming job interviews! While you may find them to be intimidating, they're a great opportunity to 'sell' yourself to potential employers and also to find out more about them yourself.

    However, it is in your own interests not to discuss specific content from your interviews, assessment centres or other similar exercises, since revealing this information may provide an unfair advantage to other applicants who are due to go through the same process.

    In support of this, please remember that our rules include that you should not to post/discuss specific content from your interviews/assessment centres. This includes what questions were asked and your responses to them.

    Posts which are felt to provide an unfair advantage to other applicants may be removed by the moderation team and warnings may be given. Please alert the moderation team to instances of members asking for or giving specific information on interview content using the post report button at the top right hand corner of every post.

    We are very happy for you to continue to discuss your interviews in general terms on the site, including but not limited to whether or not you've been invited to an interview, your feelings about what it will be like and how it went, the style of interview and general advice on what to expect.

    Example of posts allowed
    Your interview will be competency based. It's a good idea to check their graduate scheme page to see what the competencies include. Try to think of a range of examples.
    Example of posts not allowed
    I was asked how bonds are valued and then the interview asked for two examples of where I have worked in a team.
    If you have any questions about this policy or any other moderation matters, please post in the Ask A Moderator forum and we'll be happy to help you.
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