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  • Freshers' Week 2014: The Guide

    Students playing pool during Freshers' Week

    Your guide to getting ready for uni

    Freshers' Week tips

    Heading to university this autumn? Take some advice from those who have already been there...

    Before you go to uni

    Get yourself 100% ready for uni with our guide to everything from accommodation to big nights out.

    What to take to uni

    We're pretty confident this list includes everything you could possibly need for uni. Be sure to check it before you start packing!

    Choosing a student bank account

    Now you're a uni student all the banks want your business. We take a look at the best deals out there.

    Join the latest Freshers and back to uni discussions

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    Students on a night out during Freshers' Week

    Talk about your uni's Freshers' Week

    More for freshers...

    How to live on a budget

    Being a student typically goes hand in hand with being flat broke. Get your head around budgeting to save yourself from hammering that overdraft too hard.

    Do you need a TV licence?

    There are plenty of myths around the TV licence - not least that you don't need one if you're in halls. Make sure you don't get caught out.