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  1. MrNeilPatel
    I'm glad to hear I'm sorry again if I sounded a bit rude in your thread.

    With the Biology homework, you will feel that it is quite long, but our school likes to study immediately and some of the Biology work you are doing right now may be geared towards your Biology ISA ( You may have it this term, but i'm not sure ); and also you have your Module 1 January exam coming up and there is a lot of content to cover in Biology.

    For Maths, you could see when the Maths Support Session is ( normally after school, but I'm not sure which day it is ); and if you have any specific problems; I'd be happy to help you

    With the overall workload, you may find it is quite a lot right now but I assure you, you will be able to cope with it later in the year and definitely next year.

    Hope that helps,
  2. stateofdreaming
    Thank you! I've got to admit that I'm struggling with the worded questions in maths and the biology homework will take a while to adjust to. Do you know where I could get help with understanding maths? I've decided to stay in Wallington for now so thank you!
  3. MrNeilPatel
    No problem, I studied Maths, Further Maths, Biology and Chemistry for AS; and I will be dropping Bio in A2. With your question in making friends, I don't think you will need to worry, you will definitely make friends as everyone is friendly and nice; and there will always be someone with the same interests as you. Also there are quite a lot of other people who will be in the same position as you; so don't worry

    With the subject, I believe that you are able to change them at the start of the year; but I recommend you do it soon ( 2 weeks at most, so that your not behind everyone else ) as you will start studying straight away. Also don't worry about not being able to keep up, most of the new students do excellently; most of the new students got better results than the current students

    If you have any more questions; I'll happily answer them and I still recommend you come to our school
  4. stateofdreaming
    Hey! Thank you for answering my question. I wanted to know what A Levels you are currently studying and how easy it is to make friends if you're new? Also, would it be possible to change my subjects at the beginning? I'm pretty worried about not being about to keep up with everyone else. Sorry for all the questions but thank you!
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