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  1. talespirit
    A commentary is basically analyzing a passage or a poem, and the point of it is to find the intention of the writer behind the prose/poem. The way you structure it may be different, and some are more effective than others. What i find most effective is to pick out 3-4 literary techniques you want to talk about, list them out in the intro, and use each paragraph to talk about each of them. The usual format is you say what it is (e.g. dark imagery), where is it (quote the part), why the writer is using it (e.g. to create fearful atmosphere) , and how effective was it. Use as many examples as you can find.

    That's pretty much it for commentary Always link back to writer's intention.

    hope this helps.
  2. monmonai
    hey, I saw your review about english paper one. Can you please help me? I am taking English A2 HL, and English is my second language. I do not know what's the purpose of writing commentary essay. And how should I structure my essay?

    Thank you very much!
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