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  1. addylad
    Awesomeness. What what? Revision is priority. Erm nope, maybe when I'm older, but for now 10k and less I think! ;D

    Ahh quiet you, cash is amazing, especially for Easter; I don't tend to eat too many eggs anyway. Ohh, without a trace, right? (:
  2. cantstop-x
    I agree, the sunny weather is excellent Which means that I'm doing no revision of course..You do enjoy your running, have you ever done any marathons? =p

    Cash?! For Easter?! What is this ludricous idea =P I got 2 Easter eggs, safe to say they're longgg gone though
  3. addylad
    Ahaha, s'alright. ;D Life's good thanks! Busy, but getting plenty of running in, and enjoying the sunny weather! Yourself?

    Easter was good thanks, a few eggs and some cash. How was yours? x
  4. cantstop-x
    I'm so very bad at keeping up conversation it seems! How's life? Have you had a nice easter? x
  5. addylad
    Why the deleted message? Double post? :P

    Haha thanks, it's not too bad when you're getting out pretty much every day and getting a run in. You get used to it. Try running with the dog? ;D

    Oh noes, sup? Feel free to PM. (: Yeah, you must be snowed under at this time of year! Time goes quick when you're busy though.

    Haha, thank you! You are forgiven, if you keep this up. x
  6. cantstop-x
    Wow, 50 miles!? You're far fitter than I can ever be.. I felt happy with myself for taking the dog for a walk this morning! :P

    Life's hectic at the minute, relationship problems and all that jazz ha, but uni work and work and friends are all keeping me occupied so life's pretty good

    Notice my quick reply this time I'm being a better person! x
  7. addylad
    Haha, no worries. :P Yeah same here! Ah well, I don't drink anyway so it's all good.

    Not too bad thanks, busy, doing 50 miles per week of running, college work, work, etc. So yeah, always something to do! And yourself? (: x
  8. cantstop-x
    I can't believe I'm only replying to you 2 months sorry :P New Year's was quiet for me (having to think back and trying to remember!) I had to work on NYD as far as I remember, so not an overally wild night

    How's life with you these days? xo
  9. addylad
    Oh, just life! Feeling pressured, meh. And aha, typical, everyone's doing it! I say just aim to do an hour and you soon get sucked into doing more. Plus, start on something pretty easy/interesting and take tea breaks on the hour, every hour. Good new year?
  10. cantstop-x
    Aw, what's wrong? I really should be revising, but I'm sitting on TSR/Facebook instead. I will start revision tomorrow, I will start revision tomorrow.. I just need to keep telling myself that!
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