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  1. Helenia
    I honestly don't know exactly how much weight Clare places on GCSEs, but yours are certainly good enough for it to be worth a shot. You will need to get >90% in at least three of your ASs though, and remember to prepare well for the BMAT. Good luck!
  2. ilovetuna
    Hey Baby Doctor
    Im am very intrested in studying medicine at clare college cambridge
    just wondering about your experience and whether gcses are very important to clare college as i only have 5* and 5a, am currently in year12 doing bio chem phy and maths and quite enjoying it if i get some high ums have i got a shot? xxx thanks sooo much and conrgats
  3. ilovetuna
    Hey helenia was just wondering what undergad life as a medic was like in cambridge? and would you say the place is full of pretnetious people or is it like any other uni? thanks a lot congrats on your wedding
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