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    AD FELEM by Reynold Nicholson

    (Beatissimum, luxuriae amantissimum, sapienter

    Abu Hurairah ! Father of the Kitten !
    Persian thy name, but Caledonia thee
    Nursed into contemplative eld unsmitten
    By hurtling tile or canine cruelty.

    Cushioned on sofas soft as sleep thou liest,
    Dreaming, no doubt, of dinner or of tea ;
    For Epicurus claims thee as the slyest
    Disciple of his own philosophy.

    Gurbah ! how blest art thou among thy fellows.
    How far above the lot of such as me !
    Time that all else doth canker only mellows
    Thy most superlative placidity.

    The cry of myriads, " Mayst thou live for ever ! "
    Lavished on Sultans is deserved by thee ;
    No heads from hapless shoulders thott dost sever,
    On thieves alone thy paw falls heavily.

    By sudden stroke thou surely shalt not perish,
    But lapt in some delicious phantasy,
    And thy remembrance one at least will cherish,
    And one at least, sweet Gurbah, mourn for thee.
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