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Conversation Between RK and ak137

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  1. ak137
    Ah I see :holmes:
  2. RK
    The 'admin' team, which I guess includes both the Community team and The Student Room Group Staff people now, is pretty big these days and has steadily grown in the years I've been an admin.

    I originally registered on TSR back in 2005 (after the name change to TSR from UKL) and then became a Study Help moderator in Autumn 2006 and about 4 and a half years ago go a job working in the TSR offices.
  3. ak137
    Its a good thing

    Oh were you :holmes: I always thought the admin team owned the site from the beginning (from when it was called UKL) :holmes:
  4. RK
    Not sure if it's a good think to have shocked you with rep

    But I regularly give out rep to people. I might be one of he admins (or community team as we are now called) but I was an ordinary member like you once
  5. ak137
    I cant believe an admin gave me rep :shock:

    Thank you :flutter:
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