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  1. SiaSiaSia
    Because I don't see anything special about it. The U.S. is ok (I have visited it a few times) but I find all american accents incredibly grating, everything is too far apart, the weather doesn't suit me, and I don't like that you have to drive everywhere. The only places I would consider would be San Francisco or New York.
  2. Notorious.
    Ah, I neg repped you because you were so certain about never moving to the U.S., without even giving a reason. I have a completely opposite view on the matter.
  3. SiaSiaSia
  4. Notorious.
    How do you view who gives you it then? And I'm not even sure which post I repped you on.
  5. SiaSiaSia
    nope! not to me anyway. so, why?x
  6. Notorious.
    I thought rep was anonymous?
  7. SiaSiaSia
    why the neg rep?xx
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