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  1. purplefrog
    Congratulations on your results! Those are absolutely fantastic.

    I'm not sure if there has been changes to UCL or the UCAS form. Last year and previously they never looked at module scores, let alone UMS. I'm 99% certain that they don't and it won't matter with you anyway - you've got AAA, which is what they ask for, so you've met that. Just make sure your PS vaguely presentable and reflects you and then focus on your BMAT
  2. raveen789
    Hey purple me again! so finally got my results: AAAAa (Including Chemistry and Biology). I want to apply to UCL during my gap year (and ill make sure its productive). But Im wondering if UCL look at UMS scores or module scores. In my Chemistry and Biology I only just got the A grades. 491 and 490 and they say that students should excel in these areas. I don't mind putting my module grades down but some do have B/c grades due to my ISA/EMPA practical. What do you think? Thanks a lot
  3. raveen789
    Hey purple sorry to bug you again! ok so done my A level and got AAAAa (no general studies). Would UCL still look seriously at my AS results because in a lot of them I only just got the A but used A2 to pull my marks up, for instance i got 80 in an AS maths module but got 97 in C4.
  4. purplefrog
    A bit of both really, though what you learn is always incredibly important.
  5. raveen789
    Hey Purple could you tell me if UCL care a great deal about the quality and quantity of extra curricular activities that you do, or are they more concerned with what you gain and learn from them. Thank you!
  6. raveen789
    Purple Frog i wanted to ask what range of GCSEs from fellow UCL applicants did you see, i only got 3 A* 4 A and 3 B and I am worried, i decided not to apply to medicine this year but if i get AAA without resitting any A2 modules i would love to apply next year, on a gap year. I rather do it this way as i can gain more experience and do more things that i hope will help me. I was going to apply this year but i only got 620 avg in my UKCAT and with my AS levels only being AABBC and my GCSEs i felt it would be better to apply next year

    Id love to study in London and i think that UCL would be my first choice but if i have literally no chance i might have to leave the dream behind

    Edit: forgot to mention they still say no A2 resits right? I am trying to secure non of those my working my ass of now
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