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  1. LauraTxo
    Thankyou anyway! Yess i did get an offer, so happy! Is Stranmillis a good uni?
  2. Oops. I haven't been on tsr in a while and it only informed me of your msg from ages ago now. Disregard last msg. Did you get an offer???
  3. 11 +
    As in the old system or AQE? Check website
    say about the role of schools - still some prepare pupils for it by using tests - unequal.
    - catholic and protestant schools use different systems - divisive.
    - in the old system most pupils did 11+ now maybe only 8 in the class might do it (I know this because I taught p7 this year.
    - less role of primary school in process
    - costs £30 - expensive for many parents especially working class backgrounds so reinforce class system.
    - I'll see if I can think of anything else...
  4. LauraTxo
    Hi, Ive noticed that you go to Stranmillis? I have my interview this week and was wondering was there any tips you could give me, like possibe questions and help with my presentation, which is talking about the 11+? Any help would be great
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