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  1. thunder_chunky
    No worries. How did you convince them to change your name by the way?
  2. Lord Jon
    Yes , id like to continue in the MUN

    I had to VM you as I cannot send any PMs ...... inbox is full.

    I used to be Agent Smirnoff btw
  3. Lord Jon
    Hello Love

    My name is Agent Smirnoff and i view your profile today in the and become interesting in you, please i will like you to contact me back through this my private email address ([email protected]) so that i can send you my photos and tell you more about my me, please my love i also want you to know that distance or age and colors have nothing to do in friendship, have a greate day

    from your friend,
  4. Lord Jon
    Hi. Sorry I did'nt get to the roll call sooner. Can i do it here please. I had family stuff which is why I never made the Roll Call.

    Agent Smirnoff representing Dominica and Canada.

    Many thanks and sorry.
  5. Lord Jon
    Thanks for your rep Thnunderrrrrrr
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