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  1. impossible!
    Ah, thanks for letting me know I hope you have a good time there, I'm sure you will!
  2. hey, just to let you know i chose York in the end
    have a good time at Shefflield
  3. thats a good point actually, maybe people prefer the first one they visit because they like the idea of going to uni, not the university itself
  4. impossible!
    Lol course not! There was nothing wrong with it, I just felt it didn't compare to Sheffield. The city wasn't as nice, and I was put off by the whole campus uni feel (personal preference really), and Sheffield has a better reputation for politics. But I would have been happy at any of the two, maybe if I had visited Birmingham first, I would have liked it there more instead!

    Do let me know what you decide!
  5. i see, i must have put you off going to brum lol
    what did you think was wrong with it, i still havent gone for my second visit yet so ill decide then
  6. impossible!
    Yeah I firmed Sheffield a couple of days ago. Sadly, Birmingham just didn't compare! Have you?
  7. you made up your mind yet?
  8. birmingham campus is really pretty so maybe it will. but sheffield is ranked higher for poltiics and my parents went there and said they loved it so its ahrd to choose between the two
  9. impossible!
    I went to Sheffield on weds and it was reallllly nice, and I'm seeing Birmingham next weds, so I'm thinking it will have to be amazing to top Sheffield, but we shall see! Lol
  10. am going to Brum on 30th so will decide after, what about you?
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