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Conversation Between sarahthegemini and UsualStudent

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  1. sarahthegemini
    I think you're being a little over sensitive, I apologise if you thought I was 'slapping you down' but that wasn't the case, I only put a :lolwut: smiley because I thought it was crazy someone could think natalie was gross lol it wasn't an attack on you
  2. UsualStudent
    What's yours? I just said something jokey about it and you slapped me down. You think your better than me.
  3. sarahthegemini
    I don't pay attention to usernames no. Thanks for linking me, that's really helpful, how am I supposed to comment on it now? :rolleyes:
  4. UsualStudent
    Oh right so you dun even look at which thread or who youre slapping down
  5. sarahthegemini
  6. UsualStudent
    Why you having a pop at me?
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