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Conversation Between G550NDH and ArcadiaHouse

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  1. G550NDH
    haha thanks Its the chemical they use during dissections that make people faint, rather than the blood lol. Yeah its a mission of a trek, but i wanted to study outside of London and be independent. Also its cheaper than studying in England haha ! Ahh UCL is in the good part of London. haha same, a lot of indie bands i like have played in QMU so ima go there probably. I think the line up for this year is Kassidy, Twin Atlantic and Lafontaines. how you getting prepared for uni ? x
  2. ArcadiaHouse
    I far more respect you for doing medicine! Even if I had the grades in the right subjects for that, I couldn't do it. Too squeamish. That is quite a trek! I love London, I did a summer school at UCL in July and it was amazing I like the way you think! Probably QMU for me then, I love live music and stuff
  3. G550NDH
    haha awesome. I'm doing medicine so 6 years in glasgow Im from west London so its a pretty big move for me. But iv been on a gap yah travelling so i should be fine You're doing English lit right ? Mad respect for doing that. Well people say if you like sports then GUU is good and if you like music more than QMU is better. TBH for me as long as there is alcohol in either its all good !
  4. ArcadiaHouse
    That sounds fun I am incredibly excited!! Which subject are you doing? I don't know which union would be best to join ... My cousin went to Glasgow though so I'll ask her.
  5. G550NDH
    aww thats messed up i know a lot of people who live too close and can't go to halls You could crash the halls ! Im going QM but I'm planing to crash at my mates in Murano haha ! Yeah they have a neon paint party .. just i don't really like neon spunk being chucked everywhere haha could be fun though lol. yeah you can only join one union after freshers but during freshers we can go to both ! Im going to sly apply to both in the hope i can into both haha ! you excited ? x
  6. ArcadiaHouse
    Hi! I haven't applied for halls, I live too close, so I'm looking for a flat on Gumtree I haven't looked at those events yet :awesome: Do they look fun? Are you only allowed to join one union?
  7. G550NDH
    just noticed you are going to glasgow .. Hi 5 ! What halls did you apply for ? Also have you seen the student union events ? Some of QMU are ridiculous haha
  8. ArcadiaHouse
    That makes two of us :top2:
  9. G550NDH
    ahh cool cool. Whenever i look at it it reminds me of the 5 years i will spend at the amazing uni ! Roll on september =D
  10. ArcadiaHouse
    Thanks! I found it on The List website.
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