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  1. ibysaiyan
    Nah man not at all.. I work in the morning and gym at night which is why I always get on here for a very quick workout update (I have my own fitness blog on here)
    In all honesty I am on bed as I type and about to sleep.I am not ignoring you or anything.. just tired .. but I will reply to you ASAP.

    Been very busy and tomorrow is going to be a long day too
  2. Black Butler
    you're just blanking me now :P
  3. Black Butler
    Right. Cheers. Ill be waiting for your response when I get back from work tommorow.
  4. ibysaiyan
    I did pm you ?lol
  5. Black Butler
    I didnt get your answer bruv. :P
  6. ibysaiyan
    Thanks! sorry bud I didn't reply back to your PM.Which I will now^^ I didn't get it tbh
  7. ibysaiyan
    Sorry,it's dealt with.Pm now
  8. Black Butler
    ya inbox is full.
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