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  1. sarah1991
    heyyyyy behan ji kiya ho raha hai
  2. Ayesha.Tabassam95
    Youre obviously not... Your doing you know what for Gods sake!!! I bet you got all A stars didnt you?! Smarty pants
    Well we should definately try it out.. Youve been framed here we come!!
    Awww. Did you manage to hit anyone though??
  3. sarah1991
    lol i was joking i know u didnt mean it like that yeh they use big words but in actual fact i am realli stupid :sad: and i'm a commoner so i rather just spek how i normally do then attempt using 'big' words
    ermmm i actualli dont have a clue i'm not an expert in making snowmen but yes i think it does :erm:
    haha i was trying to pack it but it was realli soft and kept going powedry so they didnt work :sigh: i did get on the back of my head :lol:
  4. Ayesha.Tabassam95
    Nooo. I didnt mean it like that!! I meant you didnt seem to act like a *** student because youre language was really different! All those type of people on here use really big words!
    By the way when making snowmen, does it really work if you roll down a hill and the ball of snow gets bigger?
    Oh, you have to pack the snow tightly together and then when you throw it, throw it by swinging your hand verically rather than horizontally ( if that makes sense) good luck and try not to get hit in the face by the snowball :P
  5. sarah1991
    lol ok yes its snowing a fair bit here!
    shocked why just ur probli thinking i seem realli dumb which is true
    ermm nothing i jsut got up had breakfast and been on the net........going to get changed eat meet my friend and make a snowman hoping she doesnt challenge me to a snowball fight i suck really bad at them :sigh:
  6. Ayesha.Tabassam95
    Its says it right at the bottom of the page on the left above delete messages. Lmao
    Is it snowing down there?! Its Scotland... Its meant to be snowing up here!!
    Recovering from the shock of what youre studying.... But good otherwise
    What about you? What you up to?
  7. sarah1991
    lol what where did u get moderation from :lolwut:
    let it snow let it snow :woo:
    how are you
  8. Ayesha.Tabassam95
    Ohh I thought you said Moderation. Lol.
    Sorry my bad
    And hiiiiii
  9. sarah1991
    i was just saying hello jeez
  10. Ayesha.Tabassam95
    What?? Lol
How tall are you?

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