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  1. smilinggtearss
    Dear Member,
    Thank you for following response:


    Re: Accounting and Finance applicants for 2012 entry
    Originally Posted by smilinggtearss
    Guys please advise me!
    I have the following offers:

    MSc Accounting Finance & Management - University of Bristol
    MSc Accounting & Finance- University of Durham.

    I am damn confused about which one to choose, both are well reputed and highly ranked. Please advise about which Uni has greater global career prospects? Which programme should i opt for?

    Bristol, Durham is **** for business courses.

    Unfortunately I have made the initial deposit of 2000 pounds two days back and read this blog just now. So for me its Durham now!

    any further advice buddy? I heard employers in UK take Durham in a high regard, Bristol has a conditional offer and Durham was unconditional. and my friends from London advised me Durham as well so i picked it. what should i do now? any expert advice u can give on Durham? I will be flying from South Asia. What do u think are the career prospects after Durham?

    Many Thanks.
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