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  1. ViralRiver
    Hey how did your results go?
  2. ViralRiver
    You're taking STEP ? How hard is it xD? I've never looked at a paper, but that's probably for the best :P . Not sure what psa4 is, but I've had C4, Physics and FP2 this week, and the last exam is tomorrow. That basically decides the rest of my life >< . I know I've got the A* in Maths, so my insurance (surrey) is out of the question. I either get into Imperial, or nowhere o.o .
  3. purple.rain
    I took both C3 and C4 yes. I hope so :/ no I don't take further maths, however I am taking STEP 1 tomorrow (seriously, why did I sign up to it when I'm not even applying to Oxbridge?! I'm one of those crazy people who thinks maths is fun you see..) I messed up on silly things on each of the papers, and I'm scared about psa4 - did you take that earlier this week? I'm just worried overall and want to get into Imperial so badly! What's your insurance uni? x
  4. ViralRiver
    - I'm sure you've done fine. The C4 paper was hard and apparently C3 was tricky (if you took it) so even if you think you messed up you'll probably get a grade higher than you think . Are you taking FP3 tomorrow?
  5. purple.rain
    Oh gosh I don't think I've got the A* in maths Keir... I reckon I only have an A just my own speculation though.
  6. ViralRiver
    Yup, the A* Maths is bugging me, but not as much as the A in Further Maths - more worried about that =\ . I'd like to learn a language again (took French and Spanish at GCSE) but French is just so hard to pronounce so I kind of gave up xD . I'd love for the opportunity to study in the US, but chances are.. it's not gonna happen, ever. One can only have hopes though .

    Pokémon fan as well? We'll get along just fine xD .
  7. purple.rain
    Same! Stupid A* in maths requirement... well best of luck to you and I will make sure to say hi to you in October, fingers crossed we both get in looking forward to it, and wow the USA would be amazing, the only reason I'd say France for me is because I want to continue my french skills but wow that'd be great.

    I also already know you're awesome because you've joined the Pokémon Society hehe
  8. ViralRiver
    It's Keir (it's Scottish, but I'm not :P ). Yeah, I've applied for the year abroad just so I can get out of England for a bit.. and well I'd like to learn another language properly. Though I'll be trying whatever I can to go somewhere instead of France/ Germany. I know some people have gone to the US so if I'm lucky maybe I can as well. For now though... I need to focus on actually getting into Imperial haha!
  9. purple.rain
    Same sorry to ask but what's your name etc, it doesn't say.. I'm Vicky but you could probably tell from my username. I'm doing the course with a year abroad because I want to keep up my french skills alongside doing my course. I'm rather excited and hoping I get the grades!
  10. ViralRiver
    Yay, a fellow aero'er :P . There's not many of us on TSR so it seems. Hope to see you there next year .
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