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  1. ak137
    Yeah thats the final answer, you're meant to work in Us. If you work in U, you dont need to sub U back in at the end

  2. Retro.spex
    Sorry I only just saw the second sheet Yes I love the smiley faces
  3. Retro.spex
    So is the final answer you got 1/4ln3/2 - 1/12??

    Feel like I should have calculated the u values as well (I usually leave it till last after I've integrated)... oh well, it's over now!
  4. ak137
    Oh and did you like the smiley faces at the end =P
  5. ak137
    Haha yeah. And its alright.

    Yeah Ill think you'll get a few marks for it, maybe 2 or 3, depending on how much you got done
  6. Retro.spex
    No worries, SAME! I seriously think I had the best sleep I've ever had last night haha!

    Thanks for that I completely missed the fact you could cancel the x's and tried to change everything to be in U form Oh well! Do you think I'll get any marks for finding du/dx and all that crap?

    Thanks again for that!
  7. ak137
    Hey, sorry, I went to sleep last night (I was that tired!), but ive done the sub question this morning

    Ive written notes down the right hand side on what I did in each step Feel free to ask if you're not sure what Ive done

    Here, its on two pieces of paper (right click and open the image in new tab and you should be able to zoom in, if you cant see it clearly ):

  8. Retro.spex
    Okay I did the investigating:

    (Integral between 1 and 0) of x^7/(x^4+2)^2dx

    u = x^4 + 2

    Okay, go!
  9. ak137
    X^7/ X^3 + 2

    That was it, wasnt it? Was it plus 2 at the end? And the limits, i cant remember
  10. Retro.spex
    Hmmmm I'll have to do some investigating and get back to you
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