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  1. Dovah13
    Oh right thanks! So i need to try read some maths related books coolio!
  2. ttoby
    They don't do interviews unless you're coming from employment or have a really unusual combination of qualifications, fortunately. And according to the FAQ on their website, as long as your predicted grades are ok then they'll give you an offer pretty much automatically. This is the up side to their hard offer!

    So your personal statement stuff would be more for the other universities. If you haven't done much yet then you could always find some maths-related things to do over the summer such as reading books about maths.
  3. Dovah13
    ahh your so lucky dude! yeah i have to get like 2A*s and 1A plus a STEP paper.. did you have to go for an interview? and how am i supposed to show that i want to do maths at uni when i haven't really done any events or extra curricular activities related to maths?
  4. ttoby
    Hi, yeah when I applied they wanted AAB and a step/aea paper. However, the offer has gone up by a lot in recent years - the standard offer is listed at and it would probably be similar next year.
  5. Dovah13
    Hi I'm wondering what grades/conditions you had to get to do Maths at Warwick?
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