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  1. skipp
    No worries, good luck with your assignment :work: & on the assignment front you're not the only one...due to a timetabling problem currently surrounded by people with 9am deadlines & no work :giggle:
  2. ibysaiyan
    Hello skipp :P Sorry for my late reply.. I have been kept very busy with studies and all the rest. In fact I have an assignment due tomorrow gonna finish it now ( this time , i know lol sleeping pattern is messed up ) I will reply back to you soon ( tomorrow :P)
  3. skipp
    Hey ibys :cute: realised I didn't finish replying to you last time we spoke :o:

    Currently in QM we're doing Schrodinger, schrodinger & more schrodinger :laugh: so lots on wavefunctions; haven't got to eigenvectors yet, just the way the course works...that may or may not be next term (haven't looked further ahead than my miderms tbh :o:)...but I'm really enjoying the stuff we're on. Trying to apply for summer internships at the moment, scary stuff, but really hoping I get a placement somewhere

    My modules this year are double labs, quantum physics, electromagnetics + optics, atomic + nuclear physics, math, medical physics & the multiwave universe + exoplanets (guess what I'm most looking forward to :o:)...2nd year is definitely more interesting than 1st year was, even if electromagnetics is continuing to bore me to death :sleep: I know it's necessary, and in practise it can be fun...but don't think I'll ever enjoy electromagnetics in the classroom :no:

    How's your course going at the moment? do you guys get midterms? :hmmmm: if so how do you think they went/are going to go?
  4. ibysaiyan
    lol Sir Feynmann is the reason why I love QM so much <3
    OOh Quantum homework :P what is it about ? Have you come across eigenvectors ,yet ? what modules do you have for this year ? :P
  5. skipp
    That's physics for you :laugh: glad to hear you're enjoying it...very jealous of your set of the feynman lectures by the way!

    Second year's starting off well, trying to wade through my quantum homework right now...have returned to a department that's even more disorganised than last year :erm: but my modules are all really interesting so far :yep:
  6. ibysaiyan
    Hello :P

    Yes I haven't either... it's very hard to logon to tsr now... doing my assignment as I speak.. One word to describe my course: Intense....
    on freshers week we were handed first assignment.. that intense =/ but lovin it :P

    How's second year treating you ? :P
    Just to show you a glimpse of my weekend :
  7. skipp
    Hello again :laugh: sorry I've not been around recently :o:

    I'm good thanks, getting back into uni, loving second year; how about yourself? Started your course yet? :hugs:
  8. ibysaiyan
    How you been stranger?!
  9. ibysaiyan
    Tbh I found first to be the best of the two seasons.Second as you may know has additional characters which are meh not good as the black butler or ciel phantomhive(a) himself.In pursuit of watching horror/zombie anime I came across one called 'Kenuzome' which is about 13 episodes.The storyline or the sketching of the characters itself is very unusual.It's like watching one of those red bull ad. sort of short video .
    I have watched almost all horror releases so far :s claymore and various others which I can't recall. :/ Tired and bored.What about you ?
  10. skipp
    Glad to hear your exams are finally done :cute:
    Only watched the first season & part of the second myself, the first season has taken it's place as one of my favourite series', the art, the characters & the plot are all so well done...unfortunately haven't managed to finish the 2nd series yet it got off to quite a weird feeling beginning I found, is it as good as the first overall?
    Yesterday & the day before were incredibly hot here as well, had a storm yesterday which was excellent :coma: but fairly short...ended up going to the supermarket at about 10pm because it was too hot (for me at least) to go out before then :p: today is cooler thankfully
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