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  1. camaieu
    Oh crap, I haven't got my UFV book yet...I'm so scared, haha. And I have to do the same with Spanish. *facepalm*
  2. Deceiver
    Are we seriously expected to learn all of Units 1-5 in the Using French Vocabulary book? Is that even possible in a month?!
  3. Deceiver
    I got A*A*AB Full marks in French as well which I couldn't believe!
  4. camaieu
    You too! How did you do?
  5. Deceiver
  6. Deceiver
    I've only done the French oral so far, but I have a Class Civ. exam on Tuesday and then 5 more after half term . I'm AQA, I thought all the conversation cards were pretty reasonable this year.
  7. camaieu
    Yep, I am indeed Aww, exams are just soul destroying, aren't they? How many exams have you done? I'm glad to hear your oral went well! What board do you do?
  8. Deceiver
    Hey, I'm not too bad thanks! Bit stressed about exams but I think my French oral went okay. How about you? By the way, I assume you're the Catherine on the Trinity Hall Facebook group?
  9. camaieu
    Long time no speak! How are you?!
  10. Deceiver
    My UCAS hasn't yet, apparently it takes a couple weeks. I'm still in the middle of the 'OH MY GOD CAMBRIDGE' stage, I really wasn't expecting an offer after the French interview and the test which I don't think went very well either. But none of that matters now
    What made you choose Trinity Hall by the way?
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