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  1. Rickkkkk
    Same, I really feel like restarting it, but then I'd lose all my current pokes D:
    Are you at uni right now?
  2. Skip_Snip
    Well it's understandable, it IS Glee discussion after all :P haha you idea stealer! HeartGold is my fave pokemon game, I kinda wanna restart White though!
  3. Rickkkkk
    They're getting a bit touchy about non-glee conversations right now, so I hope you don't mind if I message you here
    I'm terrible with EV training, I'm just too lazy to do it all :P
    HeartGold Rocks! I have SoulSilver, but I wanted Gold cause I had the original Gold (which rocked!)
    I sometimes play White too, but not too often, I'm a bit skeptic about the new pokes
    I like the Pidgeot idea, I might steal that for a different pokemon
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