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Conversation Between limetang and master_blaster66

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  1. master_blaster66
    no luck yet? :/ lol i am desperate sorry
  2. master_blaster66
    thanks mate, it would be really appreciated, and especially when you could find it soon
    my email adress is:[email protected]
    thanks again
  3. limetang
    If I can find it. Unfortunately at the moment it's on various files on various computers, however if I can find any of them I'll be sure to send them to you. I'm aware of how difficult this investigation can be so I think people should get all the help they can with it.
  4. master_blaster66
    hey i saw on one of the threads that you done your chemistry investigation on vitamin c. can you send me your coursework by any chance, as i want to do mine on vitamin c too, i just need some help, as my school isnt helping me at all ...your help would be really much appreciated.
    thanks again (btw i wouldnt even think of plaigiarism)
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