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Conversation Between homebythefence and Roxie-ann

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  1. Roxie-ann
    Thank you very much! I really appreciate that. I'm happy to say that I finally understand the structure of the four year sandwich degree and I also feel more confident about Brunel as a choice. Good luck in your course.
  2. homebythefence
    The 4 year sandwich course works like this:

    YEAR 1
    Term 1 (Sep - Dec)
    Term 2 (Jan - Apr)

    YEAR 2
    Term 1 (Sep - Dec)
    Work Placement 1
    Term 2 (Jan - Apr)

    YEAR 3
    Term 1 (Sep - Dec)
    Term 2 (Jan - Apr)
    Work Placement 2

    YEAR 4
    Term 1 (Sep - Dec)
    Term 2 (Jan - Apr)

    Year 1 and 4 are normal academic years and your second year is split over two years with two academic periods and two placements.

    I hope this helps and feel free to message me with any more questions you might have
  3. homebythefence
    Hi there, I do indeed attend Brunel and study Psychology. Hmm, a personal evaluation.
    If I'm honest, I haven't found anything with Brunel that I dislike overly. The facilities are top class - we have 3 bars, a huge canteen, our own nightclub, a computer centre, a library with half a million books... I haven't been left wanting for anything on campus. And if there's anything that isn't about, Uxbridge is a 3 minute bus ride away and the bus leaves from campus itself. The quality of teaching is high, there are some well renowned lecturers here and I haven't yet felt any of the lecturers are lacking in either enthusiasm for their subject or knowledge. The teaching is well supported by the technology Brunel provides with features like U-Link which has all your lecture slides and any messages from teachers.

  4. Roxie-ann
    Hi, I understand from your responses on a thread that you study Psychology at Brunel University, I would really appreciate it if you could give me a personal evaluation of student life at Brunel, the quality of teaching and an outline of the placement year.
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