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  1. adamrules247
    Parts. I intend to read the whole thing along side of John Paul II's 'Love and Responsibility'. My friends who have read the whole thing have given me this advice though. You have to read the whole thing step by step rather than just picking a random section and reading it, other wise it doesn't make sense. I do hope you enjoy it though. I've read some other stuff by West and he's great
  2. kerriew316
    Yeah, i just have to get my money in and then buy it. Have you read it?
  3. adamrules247
    Hey! Was wondering whether you ever looked at that book
  4. adamrules247
    Excellent. I have numerous friends who have read it and found themselves transformed. It's an easy question and answer format that puts a massively complex topic in a simple manner. Hope you enjoy. God Bless
  5. kerriew316
    That does actually seem like an interesting read...i guess i'll have to give it a look.
  6. adamrules247
    Hi. I saw your post in the thread about Cardinal O'Brien. May I suggest this book to you to help understand the theology of the body more properly. Hope it helps
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