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  1. conorcd
    sorry-just found ur message from last yr. what did u do in the end? pm me if I can help now
  2. zainn
    Helloo! Just read a bit about yourself and how you went from BCCD(I think)at AS and managed AAB overall and got into Medicine :O

    Basically I've just finished AS and managed a C in Bio, Psych, Philosophy and a D in Chemistry I know it's unlikely that I could get in for Medicine but what would say is the best option for me now? I've spoke to lots of people and some say retake your AS year while some say resit AS modules during your A2 year My GCSEs are pretty average at 12 B-grades.

    I'd very much appreciate your feedback and once again congratulations on getting in for Medicine! How many offers did you get if you don't mind me asking?
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