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  1. celina10
    Work experience is like an absolute necessity when it comes to medicine, so you should really start looking. I would've done it in the summer but I wanna do work experience in other sectors too. I don't mind the exams being in June but I feel so unprepared, since it'll be double the work.
  2. senz72
    I really lack work experience. Our school never does external exams in Jan unless it's A2. Oh well, it'll be a similar structure as GCSEs like last year I guess.
  3. celina10
    Yeah that's true, how are you coping with revision and everything? I didn't do any external exams in January so I'm really feeling the pressure now. On top of that I'm chasing up a doctor for work experience, but he always seems to be so busy. What about you?
  4. senz72
    Same here. But then again there are the few that aren't so clever.
  5. celina10
    I got 8As 3Bs & a pass in drama Btec, and BBCD for mocks. Which is kinda crap compared to yours . My science classes are full of brain boxes as well which makes me feel a whole lot worse.
  6. senz72
    What are yours again? But its the fact I
    go to a grammar school with people
    who get excellent GCSEs which means good teaching that makes
    me feel worried.
  7. celina10
    Wow those are amazing grades, I don't think you have anything to worry about then. You probably already know my grades.
  8. senz72
    For GCSEs I got 3A*s, 5As & 2Bs and for my mock in biology I got an A. No other mocks have been done.
  9. celina10
    Hi and of course we can, it'll make me feel a lot better too. So what grades did you get (GCSEs & mocks)?
  10. senz72
    Hi, I read your thread and to be honest I'm scared too. As we're in similar shoes unlike the person below's post (creepy post)want to talk about admissions?
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