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  1. Andrii
    Hey! Of course!!

    For me it's going...slow haha! I've had a rejection from imperial (no surprise there...and not much disappointment either!) and am now anxiously preparing for a birmingham interview in just over a week

    How's things with you? xx
  2. colabottles
    Hey! Remember me? :P How's it going? xxx
  3. colabottles
    Lmao I know the feeling! The post came through at 8 this morning, I woke up and shot out of bed to a big official letter addressed to me, almost died and it was from Bangor uni trying to convince me to do Chemistry there. -.- rofl :P

    + It was the other day and I have no idea how it went Just a waiting game now I guess! Got an interview at Kings on Tuesday, absolutely bricking it haha! xxx
  4. Andrii
    Hey! Haven't heard anything back yet...the wait is killing me!! I have developed an unhealthy obsession with checking track/emails/post. I literally jump out of bed when I hear the postman in the morning :')
    How about you? Congratulations on your interview btw! When is it? xxx
  5. colabottles
    Hey! How's the application going? Heard anything from Birmingham yet? xxx
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