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  2. marz bar
    I really couldn't say. If that’s how you feel the best thing to do would be to call them up and tell them about your situation. Be as honest as possible about why you didn't mention it. They may be able to advise you. At least then, with whatever happens you'll know you've tried your best. I know your heart is really set on Kings, but what is your second choice?
  3. otrivine
    They say that appeal will happen if a extEnuating circumstance. Is mine an extenuating circumstanceu think?
  4. otrivine
    Thanks that is really sweet of you !! I mean I was treated a bit unfairly as well the guy asked me such hard questions and others got asked on PS but they did not ask me anything about my PS and the professor sometimes kept laughing at my answers like thesemtiny laughs and that made me feel uncomfortable and on that day my mother was not well it was terrible
  5. marz bar
    Hi Otrivine, sorry to hear about your rejection. apologies for any of my previous comments! I've been having problems with my account since TSR started up again. Won't let me comment/edit anything! Got a mind of its own hence the stupid replies

    It wont let me reply on the thread so this is what i meant to say:

    If I was in your position I would call them up and explain my situation. They will probably say that there is nothing they can do but at least you know that you’ve tried your best.

    If you still wish to appeal find out a bit more about the process- possibly call them up and find out who can qualify. (I'd imagine it's for applicants that have received rejections post interview and believe that they were treated unfairly at interview) but there's no harm in finding out.

    You have some amazing offers! It’s not the end of the world if kings doesn’t work out. You will still qualify as a pharmacist in the end and I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time wherever you go. If it still really means that much to you, another possibility is taking a gap year and reapplying to Kings.
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