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Conversation Between winter_fairy and jono281

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  1. jono281
    I remember you! D
    Yeah im on a gap year too! I spent the first 3 months travelling asia and now ive settled down into a BTEC in entreprenership :/
    How about you??
    Ive reapplied and got a uncon from manchester and rejection from UCL already? From
    What A levels did you get? YOu reapplying?
    I got A*A*ABB.
    hope you reply.. and good luck with your application
  2. winter_fairy
    Hi my old time friend! I was just clearing my inbox and some old messages so it reminded me of u

    How are u doing, I seem to remember you were taking a gap year? In the end I'm on a gap as well ;p
    Are u reapplying and where? For economics again?

    take care xxx
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