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  1. danyaaaaa
    i know! ahh tell me what they said? I have a meeting on the 30th of August so ill keep you posted. What subjects are you keeping and where are you thinking of applying?! x
  2. godknows
    ah omg samee sooo scared wot my teachers will predict me I got a C for chemistry so kind of same like u .. very bad lool but naah it will all be fine at the end got my interview tomorrow with my head of year .. will telll you whats he says about me applying for pharmacy x
  3. danyaaaaa
    yeah basically i got a D in chem! Which really sucks as i tried hard but obviously it didn't work out! YES we need to stay positive together haha! ermmm im applying to pharmacy hopefully....dont know if my teachers will predict me better results (which is what im terrified of) but yeah! ill try. What about you?! x
  4. godknows
    hey ermm well i Got D in sociology so I am planning to drop that, and retake three exams in january .. will be hard but oh well all our hard work will pay off next summer... lets just be positive keep our hopes up and most importantly WORK HARD
    wot r u plannin to do ? x
  5. danyaaaaa
    hey! yeah so we are in the same boat...haha. what are you planning on doing? x
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