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  1. Shelly_x
    Oh yeah i saw those, don't worry, i've not encountered any of the problems they had.. plus they weren't written exactly recently. Its okay Hope your happy wherever you go! If you choose YSJ then im a Student Ambassador there so i can tell you about the accom and stuff x
  2. lazymut
    Yeah I thought that my chances of finding a music student would be slim! And the reviews were on a little sight called Push, I didn't take it too seriously but it still shook me a little. Just got to pluck up the corage to actually firm one now! Thanks for all the help x
  3. Shelly_x
    I don't know ANY students that go on here haha. Seriously you'll be hard pushed to find any here, there are 6000 students at YSJ and probably only 50 or so music students per year. I read the same reviews as you probably, and to be perfectly honest i haven't experienced one bad thing since i got here. Any issues with accomodation ect have been fixed quickly, the admin department is quick and if you have any issues your offered a tutorial straight away. Because there are so few students it means all your lecturers know you too, something which my friends from larger universities are jealous of 'cos they need to fight to get tutorials whereas its rather easy for us! x
  4. lazymut
    Sounds good . Yeah i went to an open day and really liked it but I was dead set on another university so its kinda put me out and I only have till next Thursday to decide!! I don't suppose you know any music students that maybe go on here or anything? But from what you said it sounds pretty good I just read a couple of awful reviews of it but I think they might have been trolling :P. Thankyou x
  5. Shelly_x
    Sure Most people from the arts department seem to love their courses and lecturers, so id say the standard of teaching is pretty high. The people are very friendly and because its a small uni you will more than likely always see someone you know in the SU on a night. There are a lot of societies based around music at YSJ too, so you could get involved in them if you wanted
    Have you been to an open day?
  6. lazymut
    Hi, sorry to bug you but i noticed that you are at York st john . I have got an offer from St John and can't decide between two uni's . I was just wandering if you could tell me a little bit about what the teaching is like and what the people are like at the university? I'm applying to do music not English but I assume its all the Arts department. So yeah anything you could tell me would be great.
    Thanks in advance
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