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  1. Destroyviruses
    We found him!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Destroyviruses
    DID you tell HIM?
  3. Destroyviruses
    Aw, super! Don't drink so much!
  4. Rob da Mop
    I'm going to formal with a couple of friends who row with him occasionally. If I'm sober enough to remember I'll ask them to pass it on
  5. Destroyviruses
    Haha. Is that what we're called? Guttenfans haha. Do you know anyone who knows him well enough to pass on compliments!
  6. Rob da Mop
    I really have no idea. He's a nice guy who I've mostly only bumped into because of the assassins guild. He's like a guy in school who you know the name of and have spoken to a few times but don't really know well. For example, I don't know him well enough to pass on the compliments of Guttenfans
  7. Destroyviruses
    I'm just curious! It's not often you see someone who could possibly do the world some good. Its important to track such people! Hehe. I'm not creepy stalkerish . Just casual stalkerish. You tell him too just in case I can't find him! I bet he'll get a first. I hope he sticks to science! Go go guttenplan! Did he go to america? I read on his twitter a while ago.Was it academic related?
  8. Rob da Mop
    I'm fairly sure he has a TSR account so you can tell him yourself if you can find it He's a third year (I think), so he'll be finishing this year. Why are you so interested you stalkerish Guttenfan
  9. Destroyviruses
    Oh wow. Yes, tell him some randomer on tsr thinks he's super awesome! Has he finished his natural sciences degree?
  10. Rob da Mop
    I've spoken to him a few times, killed him in a game of assassins. I suppose one could say I know him. Jealous much?
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