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  1. Expecto_Patronum
    Ohh, you're online! :waves:
  2. Kalliope
    So are you
  3. Expecto_Patronum
    You are wonderful.
  4. Kalliope
    Good luck for tomorrow :hugs:
  5. Kalliope
    Come on facebook?
  6. Kalliope
    Yeah, did you? Thought C2 was great and C3 very, very shaky. ahh well My hand has all curled up and cramped from writing so much (eng) - God knows if it will be anything but a claw come year 13! A lot of subjects and a lot of exams! With triple, 3 langs and RE (3 exams) they soon mount up!
  7. Expecto_Patronum
    Ahh, well I'm sure you'll have done totally brilliantly! Did you do the Chemistry AQA paper today? Wooaaah, you have loads! Why so many exams?
  8. Kalliope
    Mehh, that's annoying. The Flies half went better than it could possbly have done, the poetry question was fairly :lolwut: I'm the only person bar 1 whose chose it in the whole school (by teacher thinks) and the only one on TSR! :eek: Stupid choice in hindsight, but alas! Lucky! I'm 9 down, 12 to go :sigh:
  9. Expecto_Patronum
    Oh, and yes, Hustle is amazing!
  10. Expecto_Patronum
    Oh damn, I'm such a fool! Yes, that was meant for you, sorry. Yeah, I'm counting on the grade boundaries being extremely low. I have, yeah. It wasn't great; the exam board managed to set pretty the worst questions, for me, they possibly could have done! It wasn't too bad, I suppose, just a little disappointing because I really want a good grade in it. How was your Lit exam? I'm exactly halfway through now - done 8, 8 more to go. (Plus Functional Skills ICT, but that's so stupid it doesn't count.) How about you?
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