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  1. Z.Taylor
    Thank you! Can't wait to start! haha when do you graduate? thank you! i applied for the city centre based ones in the end
  2. HolliAnnaBella
    Hi, congrats on your offer! You will be the cohort that replace us!
    I have lived in rented accommodation for my whole times at uni and would recommend it. But I do sometimes wish I'd had the halls experience. I certainly wouldn't apply for langstone, although its cheaper it is very far away and means relying on the uni bus every day. In my opinion the best are the city centre ones, bar bateson as no en suites. So James Watson, Trafalgar or Harry Law, I never really liked the feel of Margaret Rule but maybe that's just me! Good luck!
  3. Z.Taylor
    Hi I have been offered a place at Portsmouth for DHT which I have accepted as my firm choice was wondering if you knew about the student accommodation? not sure which one is the best one would be grateful for any advice! thanks
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