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  1. Agenda Suicide
    Huge help thanks a lot
  2. J1mjam
    You dont really need any prior knowledge before doing the course at lancaster(if this is where you want to go). they build you up from the bottom. obviously, if you do have experience, itll just make the first few weeks easier for you until the rest of the student catch up, so to speak.
    the course itself keeps changing so im not too sure what exactly is in there for next years students. however, im sure there will some sort of programming language tough(C or JAVA or Python) and some form of networking module. youll also get something about computer architecture(inner working of cpu/memory etc) and perhaps some form of assembly language(probably MIPS). there will probably also be some form of discrete maths, in which youll learn about set and stuff, which leads onto data structures such as queues stacks and graphs. hope ive covered everything
  3. Agenda Suicide
    Hi this might sound broad but what does computer science entail. And for somebody looking to get the basics but not knowing much at all can you reocmmend any websites/books?

    Sorry to bother you
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