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  1. Carpet21
    Omigod are you joking!?! Damn I'm terrified now! I didn't think it was possible for me to be more on edge but now I am. I'm not in college tomorrow either so I'm literally going to spend the whole day on track haha...
    I haven't heard anything apart from interviews from my other unis either, so an offer from BSMS would be the best thing ever! I don't have a clue what's going to happen though.
  2. x.Lauren.xXx
    Exactly the same here! Omgosh I have bitten my nails down to the core has been the most agonising wait!! And no I have not heard another pip squeak out of my unis hence my desperate need for BSMS. Got my mum to call them today and apparently they have finished processing everything and made decisions so literally expecting a ucas track any second now! So true everywhere seems to be taking so long and when you call them they are so bloody unhelpful!!
  3. Carpet21
    I'm doing well thank you, so so sick of the wait... How about you??
    I have no idea when we'll hear! Judging by last year it should be within the next few days, scary thought. I guess anything could happen though, everywhere seems to be really behind this year!
    Have you heard from anywhere else yet?
  4. x.Lauren.xXx
    Hey fellw blue r u!? Eurgh I'm soooo fed up of waiting to hear from blooming brighton. When do you suppose we will hear?back from them?? x
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