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  1. ScholarsInk
    Incidentally, I brought back my copy of Ibn Khaldun from home this past holiday, so I can send it your way if you'd like. No charge, of course, except that "one day and this day may never come, I will call upon you for a" conversation about the book.
  2. laura94
    No I haven't but after just googling him (hadn't heard of him before) I might have to! Sounds good, so far I've only really read western philosophers. I'm definitely looking forward to branching out more with islamic philosophy, and this might be a good start, thanks!
  3. ScholarsInk
    The history of ideas and, conversely, the philosophy of history are two of the subjects that interest me most.

    Have you read any Ibn Khaldun perchance?
  4. laura94
    That's cool I never saw the first one anyway haha!
    I'm really looking forward to philosophy of mind and language, as I haven't learnt much about those yet and they sound really interesting. And I'm hoping to take lots of History of philosophy modules because unlike some of my peers at college, I love the history of philosophy! That's why I chose King's - the history of philosophy without any gaps sounds amazing!
  5. ScholarsInk
    Ahh I absentmindedly sent you a message about the group and just noticed I already sent one.

    Sorry about that!
  6. ScholarsInk
    I have not - post-qual's privilege.

    It really is an exciting prospect! And the modules get only more cool in the second year.

    Anything in particular you're hoping to learn about or is it the adventure as a whole?
  7. laura94
    Hi!!! Awesome yes as long as I get the grades haha Have you got an grades to meet? I'm excited
  8. ScholarsInk

    I'm spamming offer holders - looks like we might have 'Political Philosophy' together next year.
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