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  1. Enoch.
    SOAS good good mayn, having a great time here. I can (not trying to brag) literally speak basic Japanese now, and my essays grades are not so bad, averaging 60s to 68% :ahee: Believe or not, of all my friends I am the only one who hasn't been at the Senate House! I heard its a pretty good place to study tho. And nah man, don't even know where Kings is aha
  2. mel0n
    Nah mate, got another year left somewhat unfortunately. How's SOAS? Have you learnt much (in terms of education - not what you've learnt from social outings)? How's Russel Sq. I went once to use the Senate House library which is the library with most of the English Lit related stuff..

    Haven't you visited king's?! It is pretty cool ya kno' :smug:
  3. Enoch.
    Nah man, TSR motivates me to study innit, dunno why. But it gets boring after exam season :/ how's english lit? How's kings? Are you graduating this year? How come I still haven't got an invitation for a tour at your uni? It deserves to be blessed with my presence fam
  4. mel0n
    You're such a troll man, be quiet. Why you only back for a month - coming back while you have exams doesn't make sense, surely you'd come back after them instead!?
  5. Enoch.
    lolololol nah man, I just wasn't ready to take care of so much beauty, I felt unworthy :ahee:

    until my exams are over fam, and that is, end of the May yo. My comeback sometime in the middle of summer if I'm bored tho, but I doubt it :smug:
  6. mel0n
    You needed time to think about us? That suggests unsurety :sad: How long you back fo'?
  7. Enoch.
    I needed a break to think about stuff...about us...<3 but big ussu is back yo :smug: that big gap in your heart is empty no more!
  8. mel0n
    So you think you can just wander back into my life after this long and everything would be ok? :cry2:
  9. Enoch.
    I'm still alive babes <3 holla on ps3 G
  10. mel0n
    Where art thou, dearest ussu?
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