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  1. Drunk Punx
    Yeah, haven't been too bad thanks man. Ticking on by, I guess
    Went back to work this week after having some time off for christmas. Man, I wanted to crawl back into bed as soon as I left the house :teehee:

    With regards to the hair it's all good in the hood :cool:
  2. Enoch.
    saaafe fam! yh Im good, been so busy with uni/irl that literally gave up on TSR. The only reason I came back is because I decided to help those who are applying for my uni next academic year innit, by creating one of those "ask a blah blah blah student anything" threads.

    How you been tho? Hows the hair? :ahee:
  3. Drunk Punx
    Mofo where you been, I haven't seen you post in decades. DECADES, MAN! 'sup? :sexface:
  4. Drunk Punx
    Hahaha, I saw that Brazilian Fart Porn thing a few years back whilst pissed, as well as many other things that will never be spoken about :awesome: In my defence it was never my idea to to look up dodgy porn sites while drunk. They were good for the lulz though :teehee:
  5. Enoch.
    lmao! Exactly!! imagine if someone farts in your mouth :afraid: (search on google for 'Brazilian fart porn') :facepalm2:
    hmm...well, for now I resort to my Golden Finger :hubba:
  6. Drunk Punx
    Oh dude, you gotta lick the slit, women go crazy for it! Rimming (giving) I can take or leave though that's coming from someone who has never done it. Receiving I'm not so sure about. I'd be far too tempted to fart
  7. Enoch.
    Man, rimming is probably the only thing in the world I wouldn't do :sadnod:

    And licking pussy, though I predict I will have to do it someday to my future wife :rolleyes:
  8. Drunk Punx
    RE: Rimming. "My opinion? I find it disgusting" That surprised me more than it should've done :teehee:
  9. Enoch.
    :rofl: awesome right? Haters gonna Hate :cool:
  10. Drunk Punx
    Loving the new gif in your sig :lol:
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