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Conversation Between englica and mimista

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  1. englica
    nope oh well, LSE it is for me well done, that's amazing!!!!
  2. mimista
    heyaa yeah i did you?
  3. englica
    did you get in?!?
  4. mimista
    same here see you soon!
  5. englica
    ahaha, true. Look forward to meeting you tomorrow!
  6. mimista
    Maybe I'll get a reply tomorrow morning..
    Haha true, hi Jess I'm Mimi, not too hard to guess
  7. englica
    I got a reply pretty soon. We have a meeting with the tutors at 1:30. My train gets in at about 11:15 so will probably get there quite early buy oh well. Can I ask what your name is? haha, otherwise I'll spend the whole stay wondering who it was I was talking to :P I'm Jess
  8. mimista
    I've emailed her, dunno if she'll reply though..
    I'm failing to stuff everything in mine D: keep forgetting stuff I need to pack! apparently its reallllyy cold

    and oooh just saw your post from beforee, well done on passing!!
    I think i'll go for 12, since the actual interview period doesn't start til 2..
  9. englica
    There's no harm in it, and you'll feel more relaxed. I do now I know when it is
    My suitcase is so big!
  10. mimista
    ooh shall I do that too?
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