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  1. Architecture-er
    Well I'm afraid I only come in a singular form, but I'll try and give some advice

    I didn't apply to Manchester (though I did to Nottingham) - but it seems like you'll do a BA for your Part 1, followed by a BArch for Part 2, whereas most universities will offer a Bachelor's degree for Part 1, followed by a Master's degree for Part 2. Of course you don't have to remain at Manchester for your Part 2, but it might be something to bear in mind as somewhat of an oddity.

    I gave similar advice to someone else who asked my opinion between two universities yesterday, it's very difficult to evaluate the two as an outsider, as each will have their own pros and cons, and league tables are notoriously useless

    I'd advise you to quiz yourself on what you want to get out of your degree, be it a more abstract conceptual design course, or a more engineering-based, grounded degree. Each will appeal to different people, you need to figure out which would captivate you more, and then read up on the courses offered by both (and look at the projects undertaken by their current students). Then you may be in a better place to make a decision, rather than trying to decide upon the 'better' university.

    Of course you may also want to compare house prices / nightlife etc when considering the towns, if those are factors that you want to consider!
  2. Anabelahh
    Guys is Manchester really good for Architecture compared to Nottingham?
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