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  1. D.R.E
    Yeah man. It's crazy, but it's all good. As you say, Manchester is awesome so I'm not too annoyed
  2. TimmonaPortella
    :O you got 2 A*s and a B which was 4 marks off an A for an AAA offer and they didn't let you in? wtf is that?

    Oh well, Manc's great too, so no disaster
  3. D.R.E
    Yup. Missed the offer by four marks though! So have to go to manchester instead =]
  4. TimmonaPortella
    Oooh. Was it Durham? I forget.

    Congrats on making it then dude
  5. D.R.E
    Nah, sticking with my offer. I don't like to be a ****-stirrer :P

    Congrats though man, Cambridge it is right?
  6. TimmonaPortella
    Ah, are you getting remarks? Congrats on getting 2 A*s, that's nice

    I got A*A*AAABB; the Bs are general studies and the EPQ, and the last A is AS further maths
  7. D.R.E
    Didn't got too badly I guess: 2 A*s and 2 Bs. I missed the A grades by 4 and 3 marks respectively. How about you?
  8. TimmonaPortella
    How'd results go?
  9. D.R.E
    Yeah, I've seen those, absolutely hilarious stuff! I have them bookmarked actually :P

    I'm not sure where I'm applying yet, we'll just see what I have after results day. and I can start making choices (Hopefully Oxford, Durham, Warwick, York and Manchester though).
  10. TimmonaPortella
    Ah ok.

    Have you seen the three minute philosophy videos on youtube? You may find those useful

    Oh, I had no idea you were going through UCAS again! Well, obviously I'd have no reason to, lol, but you get my meaning.

    Do you know where you're applying to?
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