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  1. sarah1345
    Ahh, I've never visited OH, is the decoration okay, just colourful? Do you think you will opt for a house in Fallowfield for the second year? I really can't decide what to do, but I'm swaying towards OH, on the open day, the people said they wished they chose OH or that OH was the place to be for social reasons. But I also want 60% aha..I think I will see how it goes
  2. tillytots
    I'm loving first year so far It's all I could have wished for, haven't really had any problems this year except struggling with a work load occasionally. Room wise I think OH and WP are pretty similar (only difference is oak house is lime green breeze blocks, ours are cream :P) it's still possible to do well there, it may be a struggle during the first few weeks but like anywhere, when people's loans start to go down and the work mounts up it settles a bit. I do an a.b initio language in Russian which is really tough and we need good grades to pass too and I know people who live in places like OH and OP who are doing really well. If you want to put the work in it'll be fine. Except that I don't know much about OH fallowfield in general. I can understand why your choice is hard as I was deciding myself between the same two last year. I personally don't regret choosing WP in the slightest
  3. sarah1345
    Oh, hows your first year going? Was it all you dreamt of/expected? What issues have you encountered? I can't decide between WP/OH, is it still possible to do well at OH? I really want to go on to study abroad and would need 60%
  4. tillytots
    I'm already in Manc accommodation I live in Whitworth Park x
  5. sarah1345
    Hey, what accommodation are you going for at Manchester? I can't decide between Whitworth Park and OH for 1st choice :/ x
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