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Conversation Between resentment. and chignesh10

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  1. chignesh10
    ****, long time bro..
  2. chignesh10
    Dude, be serious.
    Why did you say that you didnt want to reply to me anymore?
  3. chignesh10
    long time no speak!
  4. chignesh10
    what was the reason and i'll leave u alone
  5. chignesh10
  6. resentment.
    she wont reply to me on TSR.
  7. chignesh10
    Oh come on, Ok i do regret saying it...
    I am sorry not only to you but to everyone for using that word. That may have sounded sarcastic , but it wasn't.

    You say hi to her, lets see if she replies
  8. resentment.
    do you know how serious that word is?
    there is no way you can use that word lightly.

    perhaps she is ignoring you.
  9. chignesh10
    hahaha, that made me laugh
    Anyway I called you one as I thought you were 50 hitting on 18 year old girls.

    Where the hell is kayla!?
  10. resentment.
    we? who else was calling me a paedophile?

    and why did you call me one in the first place?
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