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  1. Facticity
    I know bro!! :awesome: :woo: :nutcase: Na only for 6/7 months, to work with Red Cross as well as do loads of other awesome stuff :sexface:

    Ahaha, well I go out to the cinema, I read manga, watch anime, draw/ digital art, read books, practise japanese play games, see people, read philosophy, fundraise for travelling, work (most of the time). Lots to do

    Fair enough, well you know me, I can only think it is a good thing to do even some!
  2. The Cornerstone
    Japan!?? Now that's a gap year! Are you staying for the whole year? :awesome:

    lol, I'm bored because apart from working in my dad's internet cafe (which is similar to doing nothing ) I don't do much. I wanted to work but I realised it was too close to uni so now that's all I'm doing. But I would like to know what it is you're doing that keeps you so busy, I would love to do stuff apart from staying in a seat giving people internet all day. :P

    And thanks for the recommendation, I'm not studying philosophy but I want to start reading on it out of interest.
  3. Facticity
    Travelling. Going to Japan later on for about half a year and then I come back for uni :awesome:

    Aha, people keep saying this. I wish I had free time, I'd read, watch anime, go out and a bunch of other things - how are you bored?

    Are you studying philosophy? :beard: Errm well you should definitely try amazon - this book would be good.
    And the SEP is my philosophy guidebook for everything and the metaphysics page is very detailed however it may be a bit too advanced if you haven't studied basic philosophy and the details of metaphysics but I can link you just in case you want to have a look.
  4. The Cornerstone
    So what are you going to be doing during the year (saving up I hope )

    I'm alright, I'm starting uni in two weeks and it's getting boring now.

    BTW do you know any books I can start with for philosophy, especially metaphysics (seems you're the only guy who's massively brainy about this )
  5. Facticity
    Hey man! I'm cool thanks. How have you been?

    No bro, I'm on a gap year and then I go into uni next year as my offer was deferred :yes:
  6. The Cornerstone
    Hi, how you been? Have you started uni yet?
  7. The Cornerstone
    Thank you it's awesome! It's big but it's not a problem
  8. Facticity
    I've sent it but now I realise it might be too big as I got carried away If it is, or if you're not happy with it, let me know, I can make it smaller or change it
  9. The Cornerstone
    It got until ep 320. But I haven't watch it in a while so I'm catching up and I'm still on the Arrancar arc. But if it's Ichigo or the main characters it's fine
  10. Facticity
    LOL it will be ichigo but if you've watched the anime it should be fine actually - I'd forgotten how far the anime had gone
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