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  1. lilGem
    History- I found there to be a huge step up from GCSE in terms of technique and independent work. If you work hard and are prepared to do extra reading which is highly reccommended you will do well at it. I'm on the Edexcel board and currently doing coursework at the moment, although at AS it is incredibley interesting especially if you cover Russia.

    If you have any other questions I'll be happy to answer them
  2. lilGem
    Hi, no worries
    they are great subjects to do and they allow for a variety of courses at university.
    Spanish- it's one of my favourite subjects but you should expect to do a fair amount of work like going over grammar every week, learning vocabulary through reading books, newspapers and so on; the same goes for listening. At A2 there is a lot more freedom within the course personally I find it to be more interesting through the RBE, translations and so forth.
    Economics- Personally I found it to be the easiest to pick up and there is only a small step up to A2. The exam technique is easy to get to grips with you just have to have a more extensive knowledge of the economy over the last 10 years. However, there are graphs and formulas you need to know, they do take time to learn though.
  3. asparkyn
    Hey there! I wanted to ask about your A-level subjects (Econs, History and Spanish). It's the combination I want to do for A2-level. Is it a hard combination and would you advice against it?

    Sorry for bombarding this on you so suddenly!!
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